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Banner Placements

You will find here a number of Banner recommended placement guides that you can use as a base to promote the various sections of ONLINE! SUCCESS and offer different Keywords to attract attention of your customers - you will find the Banners in the dropdown menu and "Quick Links below.

Here are the 5 most popular sizes for banners used on Google and their normal placements, when you visit the Banner Pages you can right click the images and 'Save As...' or just click/tap to open the banner and download using your browser. Of course you can resize the banners if you need to.

Medium Rectangle 300x200Medium Rectangle 300x200Large Rectangle 336x280Large Rectangle 336x280


Leaderboard 728x90Leaderboard 728x90Large Skyscraper 300x600Large Skyscraper 300x600Mobile Leaderboard 320x50Mobile Leaderboard 320x50

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