Welcome to the pages where you can rebrand free lead-magnet reports that are associated with various sections of the ONLINE! SUCCESS product, you will find them in the dropdown menu or you can click on the eReport Images Below.


What is a "Lead Magnet"?

A lead magnet is a free gift, normally information, that gives the potential customer some results in advance of a potential purchase. It also demonstrates the quality of the product you are offering them. The most important aspect is that the potential customer percives that they are getting enough value in return for their name and email address..., "Magnetic!"


What is rebranding?

You can download professional eReports in PDF format all with your affiliate links embedded in them - when people read the eReport and click on the links you will be credited with commission from any sales.

If you haven't come across this before, re-branding means that in the form provided on each page you can enter your affiliate link and when you click “rebrand” it puts your link into a brand new copy of the giveaway report that you download to your computer. This means that you will have a professionally produced report to offer as a free gift, or Lead Magnet” to your potential customers that has your ClickBank Affiliate Link in it.


Download Ready-made Squeeze Pages

EXAMPLE: Icon to Click to Download the Squeeze Page & Thank You Page Files.EXAMPLE: Icon to Click to Download the Squeeze Page & Thank You Page Files.When your customers download this free report ,and if they click on the links that are then embedded into the report, they will be automatically re-directed to the main landing and sales page, or otherwise known as a “pitch page”, and your referral will be registered on the ClickBank affiliate programme. This means that if they then proceed to buy the product you will be credited with your Commission payment.

EXAMPLE: A Squeeze Page & Thank You Page, you can Download for each Re-Brandable eReport.EXAMPLE: A Squeeze Page & Thank You Page, you can Download for each Re-Brandable eReport.

In order to help you to offer this free report you can also download on the following pages a complete “squeeze page” where you can insert your own get response code giving your customers the boxes necessary to register for your mailing list, you can of course create your own squeeze page or include a registration on your own website.


You will see instructions about how to set up Get Response account so that once they register with your mailing list, in order to get this free report, they have to confirm their email address details. When they confirm, your Get Response account will have your affiliate link as the destination. This is very important for you if you want to build your own mailing list of potential customers before sending them to the sales page of ONLINE! SUCCESS.


Here are your Rebrandable eReports

Here you can see a number of PDF eReports you can rebrand with your Affiliate Link from Clickbank. If you do not have your affiliate link for ONLINE! SUCCESS you can get it here Click or Tap to create a secure Affiliate Link (You will need a ClickBank Account - If you do not have an account yet Click/Tap here to open a free affiliate Account).

Click/Tap to get your affiliate linkClick/Tap to get your affiliate link Click/Tap to open your FREE affiliate accountClick/Tap to open your FREE affiliate account

Click the images, or use the dropdown sub-menu,
to access the rebranding software.

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