Introduction to ONLINE! SUCCESS Video Assets

Introduction to our Clickbank Affiliates Video Tools
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Windows Movie Maker: Movie Maker 10
Mac iMovie:


Welcome to the video section of our affiliate partner tools, we are building a wide range of video assets which includes intros, outros , transitions, 6 second videos that can be used for non-skippable YouTube adverts and various other video parts or complete videos that you can use individually or combined to create your own unique marketing tools. You will find the video assets in the dropdown menu items.


If you are not fully aware of the way to use video assets to promote the online success product then we will direct you to this link which explains the various YouTube advertising types and formats below:




you will need your own Gmail account which will then allow you to open up a YouTube channel, you will use your Gmail address and password to access this, and you will need to open a new Google ads account again using your Gmail account and link it to your YouTube channel.

This will allow you to upload your video assets, add your links in the description Or you can add clickable cards to the end of the video that will include link to your lead page where you can insert your ClickBank affiliate ID.


Alternatively, you can embed the video assets in your own website with articles or reviews of the online success product in order to create more impact.


Another option Is to use these video assets to create a video lead page that gives away one of our lead magnets which you can use our software to rebrand with your own affiliate links, Look under the PDF rebranding section For more information.


You will normally find that you have video editing software on your computer, if you do not have any video editing software, then you can obtain free software for Windows or Mac using the two links below:


Windows - Movie Maker 10:

Mac iMovie:


If you have any particular video tools requests contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will do our best to create what you need!